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Unity Rituals & Special TOuches
Choose two for Sublime Ceremony Package
Unlimited with The Whole Shebang Package

  • Anniversary Wine Box - seal wine and love letters in a box to be opened on your anniversary

  • Beer Pouring - pour each other a beer and toast to your love!

  • Beer Tasting Ritual - choose a sour, bitter, spicy, and sweet beer to represent the various elements of marriage

  • Blanket Ceremony - drape yourselves in a beautiful blanket to symbolize the comfort and love you offer each other (Native American)

  • Blending Family Ceremony - involve your children and/or parents to highlight the importance of each role and spread the love all around (this one is beautiful and a real tear-jerker)

  • Breaking the Glass - marks the end of a Jewish wedding. Mazel Tov!

  • Butterfly Release - can be done by the couple after pronouncement, or by wedding party during kiss (dependent on location and weather)

  • Celtic Oathing Stone - couple lays their hands on a large-ish rock during vows to "set them in stone"

  • Ceremony in the Round - have guests form a circle around you to be surrounded by love and support during the ceremony/vows

  • Children's Gift Ceremony - tribute to the role children play in a family. Great for blending families.

  • Chocolate Ceremony - milk and dark chocolate as a promise to always be present for each other, in darkness and light, in sweet and bitter,  in dismal and delicious.

  • Common Cup Ceremony - wine sharing ceremony.

  • Community Bouquet - guests are given single/small bunches of flowers. When bride enters they stand and form an aisle. Bride collects flowers from guests as she walks in and they form the bouquet. The last flower/bunch is from the groom.

  • Community Vows - vows spoken between you and your guests

  • Crowning Ceremony - Greek Orthodox - couple is crowned and blessed after the exchange of rings.

  • First Fight Box - seal love letters and a bottle of wine in a box to open upon your first fight. Pour a glass of wine and spend a few minutes alone to read your letters. A great way to remind each other why you fell in love.

  • Handfasting - hands of the couple are bound in ribbons/chords/tartan while pledging intent. (Celtic/Pagan)

  • Harry Potter Handfasting - adapted to feature "the unbreakable vow" and a quote from Albus Dumbledore. A subtle nod to HP, only true Potterheads pick up on the symbolism.

  • Hand Washing Ceremony - hands are blessed and then washed to symbolize a clean start on your wedding day.

  • Jumping the Broom - marks the end of an African-American or Wiccan wedding.

  • Knot Tying - tie a Fishermans/Sailors/Lovers Knot. Symbolizes your strength under pressure.

  • Las Arras - symbolic dowry of 13 coins - "Lo Mio Es Tuyo y Lo Tuyo Is Mio" (Latin/Hispanic)

  • Lasso/Rosary - rosary or chord draped around couple to show the union/protection of marriage. (Latin/Hispanic)

  • Magic Potion Ceremony - colored water and dry ice make any day better!

  • Pet Vows - promises made to your fur babies

  • Pinky Swear - seal your vows with your pinkies for good measure

  • Red String of Fate - According to mythology, the gods tie a red cord around the ankles of those that are to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. (East Asian)

  • Reverse Unity Candle - Candles for everyone! Unity candle flame is passed by couple to wedding party and then shared with all guests. (indoor weddings only)

  • Ring Warming - Your rings are passed among your guests or family, who fill them with their love and good wishes.

  • Rose Ceremony - Your first gifts to each other. Options to involve your family too!

  • Sand Ceremonies - two or more colors of sand combined to show unity. Great for families!

  • Sheva Brachot / Seven Blessings Ceremony - Judiasm

  • Sibling Vows - new siblings promise to support each other, help others, and always strive to be the best versions of themselves.

  • Step-Parent Vows - vows to love your children unconditionally and be the best step-parents you can be.

  • Sing-Along - choose your favorite upbeat/well-known song, and include the lyrics in your program. Works great for recessionals!

  • Tasting of the Four Elements - Vinegar, Lemon, Cayenne, and Honey to represent the yin/yang of marriage.

  • Time Capsule - Contents vary and can include mementos from your courtship and notes of encouragement from your guests.

  • Tree Planting Ceremony - Plant a tree together to symbolize growth - watch your love take root. (flowers too - just make sure it's a perennial)

  • Truce Bell - A bell is rung on the wedding day, the happiest day of the couple’s lives and then is placed in a central location in the home. If the couple starts to argue, one of them can ring the truce bell, reminding them both of that happiness - and hopefully ending the disagreement!

  • Unity Candles - traditional unity ceremony. (indoor weddings only)

  • Unity Glass - glass pebbles combined during the ceremony are later sculpted by a glass artist to create a beautiful keepsake for your home

  • Unity Painting - pour jars of paint down a canvas for a work of art beyond value.

  • Whiskey Aging Ceremony - sealing whiskey in a barrel to be opened on your first anniversary or other milestone.

  • Wishing Stones - have each guest hold a stone during the vows and reflect on their own well wishes for the couple. After the ceremony have someone to collect the stones. Display them in a cool container for years of good juju.

Please note these are only examples. I have dozens of options for wording - and unlimited appreciation for customization!

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