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"Welcome to the World, Little One"
Baby Blessings in a Modern Era

Welcoming  a new baby into the world is a touchstone moment for every family. You can choose to honor that transition by introducing your little one with a Baby Blessing, also known as a Baby Naming Ceremony.

Fun Facts:

*Baby naming ceremonies are typically held within the first few weeks or months after the baby's birth.


*Family, friends, and (cool) neighbors are invited to participate in the ceremony by offering blessings, well-wishes, or sharing advice for the child's future.

*If requested: the grandparents, godparents, or guardians may be formally announced during the ceremony.


*The highlight of the ceremony is, of course, the naming of the baby. The chosen name is announced, and its significance or meaning may be explained.

*There may be a specific ritual associated with the naming, such as the writing of the name on a special document or the placement of the baby's handprint on a keepsake.

*Baby Naming Ceremonies / Baby Blessings are joyous occasions, and they are often followed by a reception or gathering where family and friends come together to celebrate with food, drinks, and socializing.

*These rituals focus on warmth, love, and optimism. They remind all of us of our roles in our community and the joy of supporting each other. 

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