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My Story

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website! 

Here's a bit of info on me:

Wedding Background: I began officiating in 2005, when two of my best friends asked me to do the honors in their non-religious service. As nervous as I was (and I was wrecked) it became the most incredible role and privilege - and I remember feeling so happy at the reception to see my friends and their guests all "drunk on love" from the sweet little ceremony we'd created just for them.


I was hooked on something I'd never thought much about... because I thought weddings were inherently lame. Turns out, they don't have to be! 

Over the years I've learned to mix old and new, and create something special for each couple. I love the challenge of using the right words to suit the situation, and the simple beauty of the symbolic rituals.


What started with friends and family, turned in to a bunch of referrals, and in 2015 I was able to leave my nursing position to work as a full-time officiant. Today, I've performed hundreds of weddings - and I still get the misty goosebumps when we get it just right.

*   *   *   *   *

Personal Background: I'm an Iowa transplant and a former hospice nurse. Like so many others, I moved to Colorado for the mountains. I met Tim (thanks to eHarmony) in 2007, and we married in 2009. We now live in Fort Collins with our 10 year old son and a small menagerie of pets.


I'm a Trolley Conductor and Lead Trainer for the Fort Collins Municipal Railway. 


I love punk and ska music and collect cookbooks and spices. My weakness is garbage reality television... but I have redeeming qualities too: I recycle my batteries, put my shopping cart back in the corral, and I'm nice to my in-laws.


I consider myself a student of religion - but I don't claim any as my own. I love science and history, especially the super interesting (to me) trivia of wedding and funeral customs.

Nothing makes me happier than helping good people get married. I am unbelievably lucky. I have met the most amazing couples, along with their families and friends. Every experience teaches me something and my skills grow with each ceremony. I'm slinging licenses left and right, and loving every minute of it.


It truly is my dream job.


I'm a big fan of theme weddings - and I've written a ton over the years.

My own nerdy interests include: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, LOTR, and Tim Burton, to name a few - but I'd love to help you find a way to honor your passions whatever they may be. Please get in touch if I can help you plan the perfect theme wedding.



Professional Credentials:

Colorado Association of Wedding Officiants - Vice President


Universal Life Church Minister - 2005

Universal Ministries Minister - 2011

Priestess of Dudeism - 2017

Jedi Knight - 2017

Pastafarian Minister - 2018

Church of the SubGenius Minister - 2018

Amazing Love Sanctuary Minister - 2020

(credentials valid in all US states)

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