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The Whole Shebang
 aka: the "Super Custom / Whatever-You-Want" Ceremony
(limited to 6/per year)

Choose this package if you want a ceremony script written JUST FOR YOU. The elements of ritual generally stay the same... but each sentence and phrase is chosen based on your personalities and love story. 20-45 minutes depending on options.

In a Nutshell:

+Unlimited Unity Rituals and Customization

+In-Person Planning Meeting

+Unlimited Phone and Email Consultations

+Keepsake Marriage Certificate

There are about a million options - but here are the most popular:


Local and Venue History

Honor your Wedding Party in the Ceremony

Honor your Parents/Make Them Happy-Cry

Vows to your Guests (Community Vows)

Your Personal Love Story

Your Pick of Unity Rituals


Musical Interludes (performed by your talented people, not me)

For fans of history: one of the things I've become known for... is that I love historical context. I really enjoy researching your venue and it's local history - to highlight the significance, beauty, and interesting contributions during my intro. Couples and guests really seem to enjoy it - and it's become kind of a thing for me. I keep it light/entertaining - I never run out of material - and I have learned some of the coolest facts about Colorado from writing weddings.

Other Stuff:

Every couple/ceremony has a personality of it's own. To start somewhere - I'll incorporate any theme, readings, or special elements that we discuss. I might talk about your favorite author, your heroes, or tell the story of your proposal. I often include bits of lyrics to your favorite song(s), and/or anecdotes from books/movies/interests/fandoms you identify with. Most of these references are quite subtle, and you'll be amazed at what we can fit into a beautiful modern ceremony. I will discuss everything with you before the big day - unless you prefer to be surprised. I really love that too!

It seems like a lot, I know - but you only choose what floats your boats... and leave the rest to me.

I'll take my time putting it all together so it flows perfectly.

The result is a super personal and memorable ceremony... lots of laughing and crying when it's just right.

I describe the feeling as "drunk on love"​ and it's really the coolest thing to witness.

Questionnaires: My Q's are very specific - and I offer as many options as I can. For example: I'll ask about your grand entrances and exits, figure out mics and music, and make sure you have info to obtain your marriage license. I'll need to know if amateur photos are allowed or restricted, if you'd like to include a tribute in your ceremony, and if there are any guests that may need extra attention from myself or other vendors. I will use this info to reach out to your vendor team when possible so we can coordinate on the big day.

The Whole Shebang Ceremony Order (changes a lot):

  • Welcome Announcement

  • Processional (walk in)

  • Show of Support (previously called "giving away")

  • Intro and Marriage Address

  • Readings (as desired)

  • Vows/I Do's

  • Rings

  • Community Vows (as desired)

  • Unity Rituals (as desired)

  • Final Words

  • Pronouncement

  • Kiss

  • Presentation

  • Recessional (walk out)

Are there Extra Costs? Yes. See Below.

Rehearsals - $200*

Rehearsal are recommended in most situations if possible, for a bunch of reasons.

  1. The main reason: couples enjoy their ceremonies more when they have rehearsals. Can you imagine putting on a big-budget production of any other kind without a rehearsal? There is a lot to be said for knowing what to expect in general - and those feelings are amplified when you're standing on an (often literal) pedestal in front of everyone you care about.

  2. Your wedding party and close family can/will bond and get their shenanigans started properly.

  3. I'll perform better.

  4. Your photos will turn out better.

I'd love to run everything through with your venue and/or wedding coordinator(s), if possible, but they don't need to run the actual rehearsal - I like doing that part. We'll review our roles and your lines, go over where everyone stands, how not to get in each others' way, how to pin a boutonniere - and I'll answer the age-old question of "what do we do with our hands?" These efforts ahead of time will make sure everyone feels comfortable, and the ceremony will proceed smoothly with fewer problems.

Bonus: I give a pretty good pep-talk at rehearsals. I'll provide your wedding party with suggestions on how they can be helpful on the big day, and give everyone a crash course in modern wedding etiquette.

*Travel = $0.75/mile 

(if more than 25 miles from Fort Collins, Colorado)


Popular Examples:

McCreery House of Loveland: $0

Wild Basin Lodge in Allenspark: $75

Lyons Farmette: $50

Westminster Butterfly Pavilion: $80

Sapphire Point: $200

Garden of the Gods: $195

Rocky Mountain National Park: $80-100

Estes Park: $75

Denver: $60-75

Vail: $200

Breckenridge: $175

Golden: $90

Overnights: If distance (one way) exceeds 200 miles there is an additional charge of $200/day for overnight expenses.

In the Distance (200+ Miles):

Maroon Bells = $600 travel ($400 mileage + $200 overnight).

Aspen = $530 travel ($330 mileage + $200 overnight).

Grand Junction: $650 ($450 mileage + $200 overnight)

Outside Colorado: I am licensed to perform legal ceremonies in all 50 states and I love to explore. Costs vary but I have a pretty good system to figure it and I'd love to send you a quote. Contact me today about your non-Colorado wedding!

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