Online Ceremonies

-the best option to involve your loved ones while distancing


Basic Virtual Ceremony -  $100


+ Short Virtual Ceremony (5-15 minutes)

+ Vows and Ring Exchange

+ Phone and Email Correspondence

+ Help with Marriage License


Custom Virtual Ceremony -  $300


+ Custom Ceremony Script

+ Choice of Unity Ceremony

+ Short Virtual Ceremony (8-20 minutes)

+ Virtual Rehearsal

+ Phone and Email Correspondence

+ Help with Marriage License

From recent (humorous) "Mad Max" themed wedding:

"Good afternoon everyone!


Do excuse the mess… and please forgive the Dystopian Hell-scape… but we are so happy to welcome you to the party!


Today, we honor these adorable lumps of sugar: Amanda Grenade and Justin Kool-Aid… From a safe distance.


They’ve rescheduled the “shindig of social-togetherness” for later in the year – and we’ll all be there with bells on… but today is their chosen wedding date – and the knots must be tied!


So, thank you all for joining us – special thanks to our multi-talented wedding party – and to all of you joining us online.


Obviously, this wasn’t their first choice for venue… but we’re happy to spend the day together. As we livestream from the comfort of our respective homes… we understand the seriousness of the situation outside our doors… and we also recognize… that today, more than ever, it’s important to celebrate LOVE.


Now, this IS an Proper and Lawful wedding ceremony – our happy couple will be signing the license today and all legal mischief will be managed.


When we meet again - we’ll have even more to celebrate… I know Justin and Amanda are incredibly grateful - and have a lot they want to say… but those are things better said… face to crying face – so we’ll just put a pin in that for today – and support each other through our screens – which is the next best thing and often surprising effective...