Ceremony Scripts from Married by Maree

Are you an Officiant struggling to write a script?

Do you just need the words - not the person? 

I can help with that too!

I am now offering Wedding Ceremony Scripts - customized to your specific needs, wedding party, and venue standards.

Why should you pay for a wedding ceremony script? Great Question!

1. It takes the pressure down several notches. Agreeing to perform a wedding for a friend is a huge honor - and also a massive responsibility. Writing a unique ceremony is not easy - I have heard from loads of people that it's A LOT harder than it looks. It's also pretty time consuming, taking 5 to 20 hours of writing and research per ceremony.

2. This may be a hard pill to swallow but here's my take: Writing a Ceremony and Performing a Ceremony are two completely separate skill sets. Outgoing friends may be funny and confident speakers - but that doesn't mean they're great writers. 

BASIC Scripts are $140 - I will send you a questionnaires  - asking all the important info - and I'll take that and turn it into a ceremony that will give you all the required emotions 2 . keep it simple for everyone 3 . professional tone for amateur officiants

I write all of my ceremonies like movies: All scripts are written with basic stage directions so everyone knows where to stand and what to do with their hands.

SUBLIME Scripts are $180 - choose your focus or theme - answer the questionnaires, and I'll do the rest.

and for $50 more I offer coaching over the phone for your amateur officiant. Allow me to answer your questions and calm your fears about all the 'what-ifs'.

Free Advice for New Officiants:

1. Smile no matter what - don't look scared

2. No Jokes at the Couple's expense. don't roast the friggin couple - no jokes about how the bride must always be right or how the groom tindered his way around the globe before settling down. From experience - this sometimes goes over with a big laugh... but when it doesn't... oh gawd is it awkward. Just don't do it.

3. Forget about the clock. Give the couple a chance to feel ready - not rushed. 

4. Stay professional - even if you're a life-long friend who feels comfortable with everyone in attendence - you are filling a sacred role and should behave as such. As cheesy as it sounds - the marriage altar is a sacred space - and